We are a clinic dedicated to helping individuals with pain management, performance, and rehabilitation. Our staff has extensive experience helping individuals manage through their pain experience while returning to desired activities.  Our primary services offered include consultation and rehabilitation for neuromusculoskeletal based issues and persistent pain. Our treatment plans are individualized to the patient’s specific needs and functional demands. The number one priority at SVPC – helping each patient manage through their pain experience or injury while getting back to doing the activities they love. If you are dealing with an acute injury or persistent pain – we can help!


Harrisonburg’s premiere pain and injury rehabilitation clinic. When pain and injury prevent you from doing what you love, we help you return to your desired activities. If you have pain or dysfunction – we can help!

We offer a modern approach to healthcare designed to help our patients who are dealing with pain or injury return to their desired activities. Our mission is to serve individuals of the Shenandoah Valley area experiencing pain. Our main focus areas are educational consultations and treatment for neuromusculoskeletal issues, injuries, and associated pain. We also provide educational and exercise services for the enhancement of athletic sport performance.

We are used to working with people dealing with conditions relating to spine issues (neck pain/back pain), upper and lower extremity pain, sport injuries, neuromuscular issues, among many others.

At SVPC, we are here to provide you with the tools necessary to manage through your pain experience or injury while returning to desired activities and goals. You are in control of your healthcare – SVPC is here to guide you.

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Dr. Michael Ray

If you are dealing with pain-based issues such as acute or persistent low back or neck pain, our office can help. Simply schedule an appointment via email or phone.

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We specialize in getting athletes back in the game. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, we can help with your sport-related injuries and create an individualized plan of care to return to play. Common sport injuries we see include: sprains/strains (such as hamstring strain), tendon issues (such as patellar, quad, and achilles tendinopathy), elbow issues (golfer’s, little league, and tennis), and hip issues (such as FAI).

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Pre-Op / Post-Op Care

If you’ve been scheduled for a surgical procedure for a musculoskeletal issue such as rotator cuff tear or ACL reconstruction, we can offer exercise recommendations and therapy for pre-operative care in an effort to aid post-surgical outcomes. Additionally, we provide post-operative rehabilitation for returning to desired activities.

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Inside Shenandoah Valley Performance Clinic

We all know being physically active has many positive health benefits. However, there is much misinformation surrounding the topic. Whether you are hoping to begin your journey of being physically active or are already engaging in physical activity but need additional guidance, we are happy to help. We can complete a consultation either in-person or remotely to assess your physical activity levels, goals, and establish a game plan to help you move forward.

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